A guide to choosing the right Bathroom tiles

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A bathroom is a place where hygiene and safety are both a priority. Here we have a few recommendations that might come in handy while planning your bathroom.


Slipping and skidding is a primary concern. While dealing with spaces like bathrooms that are prone to the presence of water and soap the risk becomes very high if the tile surface is too smooth or glossy. Go format finish tiles. If there are older people at home a little more hard matte or rather textured surface floor tiles work the best. Give us a call to know more about bathroom floor tile finishes that are affordable and give your bathroom a premium look without compromising on the safety aspects.


You can choose a wide variety of finishes when it comes to bathroom walls. Wall area being larger than floor area we need intelligent solutions as this adds to the main look and feel. Here are a few tips.

1) Go for bigger tile sizes as this lowers the number of joints and makes it easy to maintain.

2) A soft-matte surface controls the reflections in the bathroom making it appeal more.

3) “Germ-free” tiles that have an antimicrobial property keep a check on infection-causing bacteria and fungus. There are enough technologies available in the market that cater to this application all you need is to ask.

Confused about the tile sizes? This will help.

Large Format – For a seamless luxurious look

⁃ 240×120 cm

⁃ 160×80 cm

⁃ 120×60 cm

Medium Format – Less wastage and easy to install

⁃ 80×40 cm

⁃ 60×40 cm

⁃ 60×30 cm

Small Format – Low cost, most commonly available

⁃ 30×45 cm

⁃ 37.5×25 cm

⁃ 24×7.5 cm

This guide will help you think through your bathroom remodeling needs and equips you with the right information that is relevant and in trend. When it comes to your home remodeling, we at T&N Remodelling, one of the best bathroom remodeling contractor, will take care of all of your needs from bathroom walls to floors and other parts of your living space.

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